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My first entry in english...


Morning... Have a blessed Thursday all.. ^_^..

This is my first entry in English which are its my effort in order to improve my English diverse in my previous entry 'Oh My English'... So, if there are anything wrong or awkward in my word or anything just let me know, because I'm a learner and I want to learn...

In the next entry, some of the entry will be in Malay and some of that will be in English... Hopefully, you all do not mind... hehehe...

Anyone want to learn or improve your English with me??? come, join me... ^_^ Hopefully, this effort may bring benefits to me and maybe all of us.. 

okay, this is the simple articles that i have read this morning from  New Straits Time:

Boy left in car by mum found dead.
JOHOR BARU: A 5-year-old boy, allegedly left for 6½ hours in his mother’s vehicle, was found dead by the woman on Tuesday.

It is understood that the mother, a primary school teacher in her 40s, usually sent R. Sharnaath Kumar to kindergarten before heading for work. However, she was pressed for time that day and rushed straight to school.
When she got to the school in Bandar Baru Uda at 7am, she switched off the engine and proceeded to the teachers’ room and class. It was understood that Sharnaath Kumar was asleep in the multipurpose vehicle at the time.
About 1.30pm, school staff  saw the woman running frantically to her car, which was parked near the canteen, screaming her son’s name.
A canteen worker, who wanted to be known only as Hamat, said he saw the teacher scream when she found her son sprawled on his back in the back seat, frothing at the mouth.
Investigations revealed that Sharnaath Kumar’s eyes were  open and he was bleeding from the nose.
“He had stopped breathing. The teachers tried to revive the boy but  to no avail,” Hamat said.
“The teacher (mother) collapsed against the side of her vehicle, crying.”
Other witnesses said they did not hear or see anyone in the car since its windows were said to be tinted.
Sharnaath Kumar was rushed to Johor Specialist Hospital in Jalan Abdul Samad by a 39-year-old school general worker and   teachers.
He was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. A  post-mortem revealed he had died in the vehicle.
A police spokesman said the case was  classified as sudden death as foul play had been ruled out.
The victim was enrolled at  Rainbow Kindergarten, located next to the primary school in Jalan Padi Mahsuri 16.  
A preschool administrator,  said children usually arrived by 7am.  However, she refused to elaborate on the victim without the consent of the parents.
On a notice board at the kindergarten, a note offering condolences to the victim’s parents was posted.
At the victim’s home in Taman Perling, reporters were stopped from entering. Several family members and friends warned  journalists against meeting the teacher.
Colleagues and friends visited the family. Most refused to comment.
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